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Certified: Investment Advisor

Alpha Advisors is one of fewer than 100 firms worldwide awarded this distinction by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX). 

Why use a registered investment advisor?

Is Your Portfolio on Autopilot?

We construct portfolios based on each account's unique needs, and manage every account proactively. 

More about our investment management services
Prudent Investment Strategies

Sound judgment in all aspects of your investment portfolio for balance and performance.

Investment Management

Individually crafted, actively managed investment portfolios. 


Financial Planning

You know what you want, but do you have a plan to get there?


Estate & Tax Planning

Strategically selected assets to address any situation.


Institutional Retirement Plans

ERISA compliant, fully customized retirement plans. 


Charitable Organizations

UPMIFA standards compliant institutional asset management. 


Venture Capital Fund

For the right investor, access to a truly exclusive opportunity.


Prudent. Protective. Accountable.

These three simple words are the foundation of our commitment to each and every one of our clients, no matter how large or small. We endeavor to put ourselves in the place of our clients and treat their assets as if they were our own.

A Different Kind of Financial Advisor

We are a nationally recognized, independently owned Florida investment advisor, focused on providing our clients with sound investment strategies and with peace of mind. We take pride in our independence, as it allows us to truly make every decision based on what is best for our clients. Because we succeed only when you succeed, you can be secure in knowing that we serve your best interests.

Registered Investment AdviserIf security and confidence are what you seek in a retirement and investment planner, you'll find professional and personal advice, whether it's for your business, personal, or estate needs. In addition to having a full range of financial management services, we are one of only a few firms worldwide to be certified as an Investment Advisor by CEFEX.

We’ve been in the financial services business for more than 20 years. We understand financial trends, history, and possibilities based on careful research and decades of experience. The result is that Alpha Advisors will help you craft an investment portfolio that keeps a keen focus on your needs, and then diligently protect and manage it.

Our Promise

Prudent, protective and accountable. That's our simple and solemn duty to each and every account. It's not a promise everyone can make, and the details are important. 

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Fiduciary duty means that the financial service provider must at all times act in the best interest of customers or clients. 

- Mary Schapiro, SEC Chairman

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